Ernny Mi-Ji
CSAU, French Ring 1, SUSAR Type I (Advanced), FEMA Certified Disaster Search Dog
2011 Eastern Regional Ring 1 Vice Champion
OFA Good Hips, OFA Normal Elbows, CERF, CHIC
AKC/FCI Registered

Juice is a medium-size Malinois (60 lbs) with over the top drives.  On the French Ring training field, Juice is loaded with fight, and his entries are incredibly fast and powerful.  He is arguably one of the fastest Malinois competing in protection sports in North America. Juice is a natural retriever and will retrieve to exhaustion any object you throw.  His hunt drive is intense.  Much more than just a "sport dog," his ability to switch gears and perform the most difficult of detection disciplines demonstrates his stability and clear-headedness.  As a state and federally certified disaster search dog, Juice is environmentally solid and displays incredible persistence in his work.
His bold and effortless movement across unstable surfaces and rubble piles typifies his approach to life.

Juice is a Czech born son of Master de Alphaville Bohemia

In addition to Master's accomplishments while living in the Czech Republic, Master placed First at the DVG National Championship and the AWDF Championship in 2009.   Master also competed in the FMBB World Championship (8th Place) and was a member of the AWDF/FCI World IPO Championship team in 2009.

Watch Master's 98 point protection phase  performance at the AWDF Championship HERE

Click HERE to learn more about Juice's dam, Gr. CHSK Arah Mi-Ji, IPO3, SchH/VPG3, FPr3.